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Travel, Holidays and the NDIS ... myths busted

Will the NDIS pay for me to go on holiday?

Will it pay for my Support Worker to go on holiday?


“The NDIS will pay for my holiday.”

They will not pay for your holiday, but they may help fund additional supports that are needed as part of your disability. The NDIS exists to close the gap between having a disability and not having a disability. It all comes down to what is reasonable and necessary.Apr 2, 2019, Endeavour Foundation.  

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The NDIS will pay for all “reasonable” and “necessary” supports. It will not cover things such as food, accommodation or entertainment. In practical terms this means that the NDIS will pay for the care/support that you require whilst you are on holiday. However, the costs that are not associated with the care will need to be paid for privately.  The NDIS will not pay for flights to destinations; the cost of the flights is to be paid for separately.  



Did you know that the NDIS can cover the cost of the supports you require when going on a holiday? Learn how you can utilise your NDIS funding when booking your next trip.



The NDIS only funds supports and services it deems reasonable and necessary; a big part of which is that they’re directly related to your disability. This means that the NDIS generally won’t fund your holiday costs, such as travel, accommodation, food, entertainment and many other costs associated with a holiday, as these costs usually won’t meet the reasonable and necessary criteria.

However, the NDIS can cover the cost of supports that you require while on your trip. So if a support worker accompanies you, you can use your NDIS funding to pay for their time. However, you can only get their time funded, not the travel, accommodation and other costs for your support worker. 

The costs of a support worker are usually funded out of the Core Supports budget in your plan, specifically out of ‘Assistance with Social and Community Participation’ (Category 4). As Core Supports funds are flexible, you use your budgets from other Core Supports categories as well.  


More Information

We are NOT registered with the NDIS.  We do not supply support workers, although we can refer you to organizations that do.

Spot On Travel are a mainstream Travel Agent that has a department dedicated to Travel Needs for people with Disability.

We use our expertise, and personal experience to organize travel for groups where the participants live with disability.  We understand the special arrangements that need to be made, and go the extra step to provide you with all the support you need to plan a successful Group Trip.

Organized group travel for people with disabilities takes many forms.  Sometimes it families will travel together with some support workers, sometimes it is solo participants with support workers.  You know your clients best, and our role is to use your knowledge of their needs and pleasures to custom design an itinerary that suits the group.  'We can provide information above and beyond an itinerary to alleviate the stress of travel and assist with setting up your budget and monitoring expenses for you.

If you have never organized a group holiday or trip before - call on us! We will guide and assist you right through the process.

If you already run a calendar of holidays and trips we'd love to chat to you and provide you with a quote.  We are very comfortable working with tight budgets, and our customers have been delighted with the travel we have organized for their groups!


Autism on the Sea Cruises & Resort Stays

Vacations for Adults and Families living with Autism, Down Syndrome and other related Disabilities

Where Vacations Come True

Spot On Travel is an official partner to AotS (Autism on the Seas), an award-winning organisation providing cruises with expert support.  These Staffed Cruises are selected from regular cruises throughout the year, and we assist adults and families in accommodating the typical cruise services, as well as providing specialized Respite and Private Activities/Sessions that allow our guests the use of the ships entertainment venues in an accommodated and assisted manner.  Our professional Staff (educated, experienced, background checked and sanctioned by the cruise lines) accompanies you on your cruise to provide these amazing vacation and travel experiences onboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines.  

To accommodate families even further, our Staffed Cruises are open to all Extended Family and Friends.  Extended family and friends can book directly with us, and they also receive all of the same benefits and services, including expedited/priority boarding, private muster drill, dinner seating, private venue sessions, reserved show seating, siblings and childhood friends can attend our respite sessions and everything found here:   

Autism on the Seas is the Leading Developmental Disability Service Supplier to the Cruise Industry, but cannot be used with your NDIS plan.

What We Do ...

No matter the destination, we’re here to help! As Accessible Travel Specialists , we plan vacations for couples, families, friends, groups and even singles. From romantic honeymoons in the Caribbean, girls’ weekends in New York City, autism-friendly Disneyland adventures, family cruises in Europe and much, much more. Everything we do is done on your schedule and most importantly, on your budget. Give us a call today and let’s get started!

  • Customized travel for people with disability.
  • Group Tours - these are tours that Groups can book through Spot On Travel.  We will build an exclusive tour or holiday for your group to anywhere in the world.  Minimum numbers for a Group are 10, so even larger families can be treated as a Group and receive the savings that come from booking as a Group.
  • Autism On The Sea - we partner with this Accredited program to provide amazing cruise and resort experiences in the USA.  Autism on the Seas, an international organization,  has been in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International since 2007 in developing cruise vacation services to accommodate adults and families living with children with Special Needs, including, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and all Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  These services have quickly expanded to other cruise lines and even to the Disney Resorts and Parks!  Booking with us will enable us to work with Autism On the Sea, and arrange your international flights, transfers and accommodation before and after your cruise/Disney visit.
  • Accessible Travel - we partner with this international organization to provide wheelchair accessible options.  These include tours in Rome, Paris and London, as well as accessible transfers all around the world and accessible cruise excursions in selected worldwide destinations.  This partner also works with our clients who have mobility barriers (but are not full time in a wheelchair) to ensure their travel is step free and accessible!
  • Through our partnership with Autism On The Sea, we can provide trained Disability Support Staff for families traveling to the USA for all sorts of travel without the cost of taking a worker from Australia. This option is very affordable and will give peace of mind to any family traveling to the USA with a family member with special needs.
  • Accessible travel to New Zealand.  We partner with several NZ based accessible tour providers to offer accessible tours, transfers and accessible hire vehicles.  
  • We work around the world with suppliers of mobility equipment to provide rental equipment to meet your needs.


Get Your Small Group



Organising your own group is a great way to super charge your own support staff (who wouldn't enjoy a holiday while they work?) and offer great savings to your clients. 

Remember a group can be just 10 clients - and could even be an extended family!Would you like a tour planned for your group?

We work with groups and schools to provide travel solutions for people with disability.  These can be domestically within Australia, or for International Travel.

Customized Travel Solutions for your Clients

There are many barriers to travel for people with disabilities. Our mission is to break down these barriers ...



Mr X, a wheelchair user dreams of visiting Europe and the USA with his wife, but doesn't want to fly. Our mission is to build an itinerary that is Fly-free, and will make it possible to see all his bucket list destinations. We've even got his shore excursions covered.


Ms Y and Ms C are great friends, but Ms C's health is failing they desperately want to holiday together, but are mindful of Ms C's medical needs. We've got some great solutions for travel within Australia and New Zealand, were emergency medical care is available for Australian citizens. We work to build a custom itinerary that even includes private guides in some NZ locations so they don't miss a thing.


Good friends Mr A and Mr B have mild intellectual disabilities. They've already been on one of our "Bridging the way to Independent Travel" trips and now we work with them to build a short Cruise break to help them experience independent travel for the first time.