Affordable Private Tours.

Do you dream of visiting Europe?  

Does the idea of managing the language, driving conditions and stress of arranging your own travel sound like it is just too much?

The solution is as close as your fingertips.  One of our leading Tour Operators is now offering a unique Private Tour option.  Simply choose your tour, and we can arrange for you to do the exact tour (same attractions, experiences and hotels) in a private tour vehicle with your own driver and guide.  

The advantages are huge!

Travel at your own pace - linger longer, or cut it short!  And all the while you will avoid the fatigue of hopping off and on coaches and waiting for a large group to assemble.

Suitable for 2-8 people!

For those travelers who's health demands a slower pace!

Slow and Soft travel is for people with a need to move at a leisurely pace (e.g. people who experience fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, recovery from illness, autoimmune disease and more)

  • Affordable private tours with leading Tour Operators - let us help you find your ideal itinerary and then put it together with your own driver, guide and vehicle.  Experience every "must see" without waiting for a coach load of fellow travellers.
  • Customised travel options where a member of the household or individual has a disability.
  • Group Tours with the worlds leading brands - let us use our expertise and we will find the perfect tour, with more time in a destination and later starts in the morning.
  • Travel your way with the peace of mind of a fully planned itinerary, and a local contact for you in every destination to help you make the most of your holiday - they can arrange tickets, recommend local restaurants for dinner and more.
  • Exciting ways to travel - including motoring down European waterways on your private motorboat, luxury rail travel, river and ocean cruising and more.
  • Group Travel for your group - we organise everything so all you have to do is enjoy being with your group of friends (e.g. school groups, group/day programs, sports and special interest groups).
  • And more ...


Whatever your needs are, we would love to work with you!