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Package Holidays and Tours

There is a comfort that comes from knowing that all those small details have been taken care of.  Our package holidays and tours give you just that.  They are unique experiences built just for you, no matter what your age or interest.  Travel in a big group, travel in a small group, travel with family, travel on your own.  We have it covered!

Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you have kids, so why should your family holidays be limited to the usual suspects?

Intrepid has developed a better style of family travel, one that favours real-life experiences over the virtual ones. Start with kid-friendly hotels (swimming pool included), and then sprinkle in a tuk-tuk ride through the streets of Bangkok, a football match with Maasai tribesmen or sailing down the Nile in an Egyptian felucca. Who needs a ball pit and a buffet when you’ve got the whole world to play in?

Call us to have a chat about the wide range of Intrepid Family Holidays and Family Holidays for Teenagers!

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