Curated Independent Travel 

DIY with Confidence

You love to travel in complete freedom - to get off the beaten track or watch the world in a local cafe or bar.  You want to pace the trip yourself, sleep in when you want to or stay out all night and dance!

What you don't want is the stress of figuring out the best places to stay, the right way to get around, or to miss your bucket list experiences.

Many of our suppliers now offer amazing options especially for you ... the DIY traveller.

At Spot On Travel we can untangle your holiday plans, making sense of the best transport options, the ideal place to stay, and the amazing experiences that will transform your holiday into happy memories to last a lifetime (or at least until your next amazing holiday).

Call us to learn more about how we can curate your perfect DIY holiday at home or anywhere in the world.

We can help with ...

Accommodation - including hotels, hostels, apartments, villas, and more.

Transfers - get from the airport or train station to your accommodation with your choice of private or shared transfers.

Train - we book all classes of fares from standard to first class worldwide and Train Tours (ask us about this fabulous new way to travel).

Vehicle Rental and Lease - anywhere!

Ferries - if there is a ferry to catch, we can book it.

Private Motor Boat - Fancy being the captain of your own motor launch?  Imagine wandering down a European river or canal, taking all the time in the world to stop and enjoy the villages you discover along the way.  We offer launches with 2 - 8 berths through Europe and the UK.  Perfect for family's or groups of friends!  

Our Barges (complete with crew) are floating luxury blended with amazing character.  Don't lift a finger except to raise a glass of local wine!  Again our wide range of Barge sizes means you can set sail with family or friends throughout Europe and the UK.

Motorhomes - unleash your inner nomad and wander wherever you please - all over the world!

Travel Insurance - we are agents for CoverMore, SureSave and QBE Express Insurance.  

Pre or Post Cruise DIY options!

Wonderful Experiences all over the world including the very popular EatWithMe culinary experiences.  Feel like a city tour? - our amazing Urban Adventure tours are the perfect solution.

Private Guides - for those times when you don't want to miss a moment, memory or historical fact.

Private Group Tours with Globus, and the most innovative way to travel with a dash of curation - "Monograms".

Tickets to Sports both International and Domestic through our new supplier SWiAM (Sport Where I Am).

Luxury Motor Coach transport and accommodation packages - we have a growing variety of fantastic options for coach travel that includes your own Travel Assistant at selected destinations - we call it independence without the stress.






Curated Independent Travel

Just one of our great products is "Monograms" a 100% independent travel and lets you get to know a destination like a local. Our packages cater to both the first time traveller and experienced traveller. If you’ve travelled internationally before, Monograms packages make your vacation easier so you don’t have to fuss around with planning. Included are hotels, the services of a Local Host, a city orientation with VIP entry to popular attractions as well as transportation (when you choose one of our city-combinations). And, if you’re a first-timer, you can rely on guidance from our Local Hosts to get familiar with a city, and whom you can contact for information or advice at any point on your trip.