Will the NIDS pay for my holiday?

This is the most common question we are asked, which is why we have answered it right here.

The NDIS does not fund expenses that the general public would pay for themselves ... this means that it will not pay for you to go on holiday.

If you require extra supports to take a holiday, which you pay for yourself, then you MAY be able to claim these through your NDIS Plan IF you have received funding for these.

At Spot On Travel we make your holiday dreams a reality - but we have no control over what the NDIS does and does not fund.  We suggest that BEFORE you speak to us about your holiday you check your plans with your LAC or PLANNER and find out what is and is not covered.

Autism on the Sea Cruises & Resort Stays

Vacations for Adults and Families living with Autism, Down Syndrome and other related Disabilities

Where Vacations Come True

Spot On Travel is an official partner to AotS (Autism on the Seas), an award-winning organisation providing cruises with expert support.  These Staffed Cruises are selected from regular cruises throughout the year, and we assist adults and families in accommodating the typical cruise services, as well as providing specialized Respite and Private Activities/Sessions that allow our guests the use of the ships entertainment venues in an accommodated and assisted manner.  Our professional Staff (educated, experienced, background checked and sanctioned by the cruise lines) accompanies you on your cruise to provide these amazing vacation and travel experiences onboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines.  

To accommodate families even further, our Staffed Cruises are open to all Extended Family and Friends.  Extended family and friends can book directly with us, and they also receive all of the same benefits and services, including expedited/priority boarding, private muster drill, dinner seating, private venue sessions, reserved show seating, siblings and childhood friends can attend our respite sessions and everything found here:   

Autism on the Seas is the Leading Developmental Disability Service Supplier to the Cruise Industry, but cannot be used with your NDIS plan.

Support Coordinators Info

We are Your Disability Travel Options Specialist!


At Spot On Travel, we are committed to offering travel options including:

We can help with: 

  • Seniors who are experiencing mobility, hearing and vision issues,
  • Slow & Soft Adventure travel for people with a need to move a leisurely pace (e.g. people who experience fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, recovery from illness)
  • Accessible travel options for wheelchair users,
  • Specialist Cruises and Disney Holidays for people with Autism, cognitive disability and more.
  • Customised travel options where a member of the household or individual has a disability.
  • Group Travel for your group - we organise everything so all you have to do is enjoy being with your group of friends (e.g. school groups, group/day programs, sports and special interest groups).
  • And more


Whatever your needs are, we would love to work with you!

Wheelchair Travel

Group Travel

Cognative/ASD Travel

Slow Travel