Bio – James (Jim) Aitken

James (or Jim as we sometimes call him!) is a man who loves to make things happen.

I am the owner and manager of Spot on Travel and love working with our many clients to plan their international travel.

I am privileged to hold citizenship in three countries, including Poland, the birth country of my mother.  Since discovering the excitement of travel later in life, I have become a passionate traveller in Europe. 

I love to enjoy authentic experiences and choose (whenever Michelle lets me) to stay among the local people of the locations I visit.  I love to people watch, and meet new friends at cafes and pubs all over Europe.  The simple pleasure of getting out of my everyday routine and adopting the local customs is something that brings me enormous pleasure.

I also love to cruise!  I guess this is because it makes travel easier when Michelle isn't feeling well, but it is also because it is a fantastic way to tour without jumping on and off planes or trains, and without needing to tackle unfamiliar roads.  Floating from port to port, or down magnificent rivers is such as easy travel solution! 

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